Belkyra/Deoxycholic Acid

What is Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic Acid (DCA) is an injectable drug for the reduction of submental fat and represents a minimally invasive, customizable alternative to other more invasive fat reduction procedures. Deoxycholic Acid can also be used for fat reduction in other areas of the body if recommended by your physician/injector.

Potential Side-Effects

Rare side effects following a Deoxycholic Acid treatment may include:

  • Occasionally the needle may pierce a small blood vessel and cause bruising
  • Following the procedure swelling and redness will happen as the medication begins to work
  • Scarring may result from multiple injections, but this is very unlikely
  • Although exceedingly rare, the possibility exists of an allergic reaction to the injection of the DCA medication
  • Transient or permanent skin pigmentation changes can sometimes occur at injection sites
  • Potential for nerve damage, although very rare and usually temporary
  • Patchy alopecia in-beard, very rare and usually temporary

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